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How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Domain Name? Do I Have To Pay Yearly Subscriptions To Keep A Website Running?

I am thinking about setting up a small business where I will need to have my own website. However, I know very little about setting up a website, buying a domain name and keeping the site running. I need some help with how I go about this and set up costs etc?

How Do I Upload Themes To My Custom Domain Name By WordPress?

So i created a domain name through wordpress, but i can’t upload my own theme by Expression Web 2. I know i could use the upgrade for css, but is there an alternative?

What Should I Need To Know Before I Register A Domain Name?

I was thinking about registering a domain name, and i wanted to know what kinds of things i should know before i proceed.
I know XHTML, CSS, and a bit of Java Script, but other than the actualy site should i know any kind of encryption or security practices?
Also are there any domain registrars you recommend? Maybe one that includes hosting, or vice versa.